“Then Lôm, The Maiden of the Heavens, engaged Celem in a terrible Celestial contest… and in the time it takes to draw a breath, everything was lost.”
–from the Chronicles of Durno People
When the great cataclysm shook Skara to its roots, many scholars predicted it was the end of everything.

In a way, they were correct for the world inhabited by three great civilizations was never going to be the same. But in many ways they were wrong. Celem did not swallow Skara like. He did the second brightest light in the heavens, Lôm. Instead he broke apart into two lesser lights and thus began the “Time of the Two Suns”.

Life could continue on Skara, though empires would crumble, invaders would come and lands once habitable would become uninhabitable. In the ruins of the present, a remnant have to fight to survive, with the bleak hope of giving their proud heritage a future.

So before you take up arms for Skara’s future, have a look into its past. One world, five perspectives…


“To understand where you are going, you must first know where you came from.”
–sayings of Lu Min

“Ask not how old the dust is below your feet. One day you will be it.”
–a Shinse saying
“Duel” in Jaarvi
Beneath the lights of the Authorities, players must struggle in 1v1 combats to the death.

“Last Team Standing” in the Lava Coliseum
In the depths of Mount Khilma, fight with your mates in 3v3 battles until the last breath.

“Domination” in the Ruins of Zem
The Ruins of Zem guard a secret power. Dominate and you may unlock it.

“Assault” of Jothem (Coming soon)
Conquer the Court of the Eagles, or die trying. Defend the Court of Eagles, or die trying.

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In Skara, players are the protagonist
Earn a place in Skara Lore forever… Become a legend, conqueror, leader, follower, villain, accomplice, traitor, pirate, thief, guru…
Real players will populate this devastated land through their actions in the “Time of the Two Suns”.

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