Welcome again survivors,

As featured in the announcement title, we will release the Open Alpha Update 0.8.0 next Thursday the 11th of May.

Want to celebrate the 0.7.3 farewell with us? We are holding our weekly “Play with the Devs” event today, in 30 minutes (at 4:30pm CET). Play with us and watch yourself featured in our Twitch channel while hanging out with other survivors in our Discord channel. We will let you know more hot details about what is coming during the streaming.

Apart from the listed bug fixes, balancing issues and improvements; the new update will bring the following major features:

Lore event
Get a gift just for playing a match during our upcoming Persistent Lore event. In addition, if you are good enough to classify in the Top Ranking positions, you will earn a tasty prize in Karats to acquire your favourite skins, be featured in our medias and maybe even become a new Culture Leader!

New map: Zem
Explore the team tactic options that this new arena brings. Will new cultures rise as their skills become more strategical? Its set up and its own special mechanics will benefit the clever one, and not only the brave.

Progression rewards
Do you want a free skin? Keep playing until you reach specific levels to get some free rewards. These skins will allow you to customize your characters as you gain experience.

Early Access Skin
The previous Early Access backers that acquired the different available packs will receive their promised reward: the Vulkhän Skin, the limited-edition Early Access Skin, depending on their contribution.

Although the game will still have to evolve in many aspects until the definitive version, we think that this new content and mechanics will allow you, survivors, to feel more engaged than ever with what Skara represents. We learnt from experience, and we want you to enjoy this new build.

So don’t forget to join us now on Twitch to know more about the Open Alpha Update 0.8.0!

See you on the battlefield,

The Skara Team