Enter a world on the brink of collapse. Fight with and against others to survive and perhaps thrive, taking control of the future through your collective actions.

Team Fighting Action


Souls-like combat

Enemy/ally selector with lock system. Allows to swap easily of target while it’s locked allowing us to change our objective at any moment.This system is also known as “Ztarget” type. Magnet allows the player to redirect their character and their attacks in the last moment towards the selected direction if there is an available enemy.

Teamwork oriented Signs

There is no ‘I’ in Team, but there is in SKILLS. Use your specially designated Signs (Skills) to aid your team-members in combat. Signs compliment each other, so think and coordinate carefully.

Mindblowing Precission


Multi hit-boxes

Attacks are composed of different damage boxes. Multiple damage boxes per attack improve damage perception and give depth to strategic combat, since it is not only important how fast or wide an attack is, but also from which side it begins or what shape it traces. Timing is everything, and with our mega fast servers, carefully honed combat mechanics, our fighting will look and feel real time.


Obstacles, walls and some special interactions can deflect PC attacks. Environments can act against you if you don’t pay attention, but they can also be used to your advantage, forcing the enemy to strike a wall.

Strategic Combat



Dodges grant a brief invulnerability window, opening an opportunity to escape from impacts. Know when to dodge at the last moment and use the invulnerability window or dodge early and take advantage of the enemy missing their attack. Thi is the key to victory.


You can initiate an attack (only starters) and cancel it during a certain window. Tricking your enemies can lead you to outplay them or to force them to make mistakes.


3v3 Last Man Standing.

Frenetic Team fights. Kill the enemy team to win the round
Win three rounds to get the match.
Caution: the arenas contain deadly elements.
Danger is everywhere

Drag the element to see the two different arenas of Last Man Standing: Khilma and Gao-Di

1v1 Duel.

Take on an enemy in the classic 1v1 battle.
Nobody can help you here!.

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