1. What genre is Skara? Is it an MMO or MOBA type of game?

Skara is a Team-based PVP. IT has the feel of group battles in arenas (like a Moba) but the combat feel of a third person RPG or even a versus fighter.

That said, players build up their own survivors, who enter the Skara universe similar to an MMO. This is why we say it has ‘the soul of an RPG’.

2. Why is it multiplayer and not singleplayer?

Skara will eventually be both, but since the most complicated part to get right is the multiplayer – that’s where we started. We also believe passionately that multiplayer games can be lore rich environments with great story lines emerging directly from the gameplay. We hope to create that single player feeling directly within the multiplayer.

3. Can the game be played offline?

No, it requires an internet connection – and preferably a good one (sorry about this… but by all means try it out!)

4. How do the cultures work?

Skara has cultures, not necessarily classes. Each culture has their own strengths, and their own weaknesses. Try them out.

5. What platforms will we see the title on?

Skara is a PC Game for now, but we have developer agreements in place to port the game to XboxOne and PS4. Once the game is developed enough to allow for this, we will let you know.

6. How can I play NOW?

By visiting our Steam Page, here is the link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/274620/

And don’t worry, it’s free to play!

7. Will Skara include an open world to explore?

That is our long term dream, but open worlds are expensive… If you have that kind of cash, send us an email! 😉

We certainly have plenty of lore to let your imagination fly.

8. What should I get excited about this game for?

Have you ever tried a really fast paced Last Team Standing? A Street Fighter / MK duel in third-person? A Dark Souls-esque multiplayer? A game where the dev’s actually listened to your ideas and incorporated them into the future of the game?

Those are some reasons. Let us know if  you need more.

9. Will this game have controller input support?? Or will it rely only on keyboard input?

It has both! And you can personalize them from our option menu.

10. Alright, let’s hear something about the Lore.

“Look for It, you search in vain. Desire It, you enter its power. Grasp It, It disappears.”

11. Is Skara played in 1st person, from 3rd person, or bird’s eye camera view?

Skara is played from 3rd person perspective. We have played around with the view a lot, so let us know what you think.

12. Were you serious just now about the lore?

“First you must unlearn. Only then can you begin to see and act in a new way.”

13. Is there a training mode in the game?

No and yes. Every game could be considered a training mode, since perfecting one’s fighting style is part of the fun (and of the challenge). We will soon start working in a real training mode, meanwhile we do have a short optional tutorial.

14. Tell me more about the combat.

Dark Souls mechanics, arena-sized battle grounds, interactive (lethal) elements and careful skills matching with close combat requirements. Think FPS with swords / axes / clubs / etc.

15. Tell me more about the skills. Is there magic?

The skills belong to each culture. They evolve out of the culture, giving them power. If you want to call this magic, feel free. The bottom line is each protagonist that enters Skara’s battlefields has more than their bare hands or blades to keep themselves alive.

16. Is the game gory?

Yes. It will be even more gory when we institute the fatalities we have so long hoped and dreamed about.

17. Ok, Tell me about the Lore now please, for real. 

Ki-long approached Lu Mīn desiring to ask him a question. Lu Mīn spoke first —Nothing I can teach you will find its sticking place. Go back to where you have come from and practice the Signs—.
Ki-Long approached Lu Mīn a second time, desiring to say nothing. Lu Mīn allowed him to stay.

18. How can I play with my friends?

You can easily friend other Skara’s players in the game menu, chat with them and create parties to fight together. We are still working on new ways to encourage the creation of communities – faction wars, clans, in-game communication, etc. – but you can use the forums to work relationship with other players meanwhile.

19. Will Skara have some DLC or achievements?

Achievements are coming; some of them are related to Lore Cards than can be unlocked and earned achieving certain goals. Other achievements have been proposed by our community (check our forum!) and will be implemented soon.

DLC and game updates will be constant and – this is important – ALWAYS FREE. We have exciting plans for the future to expand the world of Skara for you to discover new cultures and territories, without having to pay a penny to do so.

20. Can we expect good graphics?

We like to think so. We put a LOT of time and expertise into making the game beautiful and realistic. Have a look for yourself. If the graphics don’t seem that awesome – check to see how high powered your computer is before you complain about it. 🙂

21. What is the server situation?

We have dedicated servers for the game.

22. Tell me about the game modes.

Right now we have 2 game modes: a 1v1 “Duel” and a 3v3 “Last Team Standing”. And 3 arenas: “Jaarvi” is the icy scenario for the Duels and “Khilma – Lava Coliseum” with “Gâo-di – Temple of the Zem” are the two scenarios where the Last Team Standing matches take place.

A 5v5 “Domination” is planned to come in the future. We will soon start working on 5v5 “Siege Battles”. Nearly all of them contain interactive elements. Danger is everywhere.

23. Good, I’m going to ask about the Lore only one more time.

“Power brings enemies, Love brings loss, Hope brings pleasant dreams, Fear brings unpleasant dreams, and the Way brings nothing; I came with nothing, I will leave with nothing.”

24. Will there be customization of the playable survivors?

Survivors are customizable with skins. We are working on other features as taunts, victory poses, fatalities and dyes.

25. Will there be a lot and a lot of weapons?

Absolutely. Have you not seen our social media pages yet?? Littered with them, literally.

26. You mentioned weapons, are we talking swords, axes, maces, etc.? Please tell me there aren’t any guns…

No guns. But all of the above.

27. Is it solely combat orientated?

Our focus is very much on combat, at least for the time being. You have NO idea how hard it is to get that right. If it seems easy, we did our job right, if you can tell things are still a challenge, then believe us and let us know on our forum or social media channels about it.

28. Will there be levels in the game (e.g. defeat a boss) so you can move to the next one or get a power up?

Survivors level up by playing the game and depending on the resolutes of the fight the amount of experience will slightly vary. We still are working on the rewards for leveling up.

29. What do I do if something goes wrong?

Don’t keep it a secret, and don’t just bitch about it to your friends. TELL US. We need to know that kind of shizzle to make the game better. We are a bit busy, but we try to respond to every post and every problem (especially if you are remotely polite in it).

30. Why has the game taken so long to make? 

Skara is made by just a handful of developers. Most games of this kind have teams of 50+ multi-million dollar budgets, etc.

That said, we have worked on the features of the game to make sure they are really the best we can do. All of this stuff has taken time, not to mention players devoting some time and love to play with the imperfections and sending us feedback. Thanks for that!