Development Blog – September 2017. Getting the combat ready.

Hello survivors,

As we are approaching the launch of the Build 0.9, things are getting ‘intense’ in the Skara headquarters. Since we normally need to break quite a lot of things to implement changes, it is not until the end phase of each build’s development that we start playing test builds and fighting each other at the studio. Needless to say, some of the devs hate loosing even in test matches.

The main focus for the whole studio has been the combat system itself – only the close combat fights, not skills. We are finally getting closer to our vision and the fights in Skara will become more strategic with a couple of new features plus the adjustements on combo and dodging windows.


This is one of the cool things we have been working on. On previous builds animation cancels could be done manually but, did you ever wonder why the (B) button on the controller was useless? Well, on Build 0.9 you will be able to add feints to your fighting repertory, and combine them with dodging, combos, skills and a lot more. Feints can be used to trigger your foes reactions and adapt your fighting strategy to them.

Dodge and combo windows

Say goodbye to that annoying ‘dodge-over-and-over’ behaviour that certain players used to escape from dangerous situations. Recovery from dodging has been increased and the opportunity window reduced, so you still can be hit in the beginning or the end of your dodges.

This means that you can die faster that you did on previous builds, so we have decided to increase all characters overall health. That way you can stay alive a bit more time on the dangerous arenas of Skara.

Lock-on system

Some of the Skara veterans around may not notice these changes, but we have made easier for newcomers to grasp the lock system in Skara, since we have detected that a lot of players jumped on the arenas without having played the tutorial.

Moreover, we have implemented a cool feature that allos you to distribute different hits of your combo among different enemies using only your movement controls (WASD if you are playing with mouse and keyboard, Rigth Stick if you are using a controller)

The devil is in the details

There are way more things that will change in the Build 0.9 and can’t wait to show you the progress we’ve been doing. We’ll try to cover them all in upcoming Development blog posts.

See you on the battlefield,

The Skara team