"...Soon all will know, and fear, the Sons of Fire."

Skara’s southern invaders fight with a reach that is unsurpassed. Death waits at their skilled hands, except for those strong and quick enough to withstand the flames. Click here to read The Celea Wiki Page.

History & Territory

"First we felt the rumbling in our feet as Tara leapt and shook. Then with the mighty rumbling of great Celestial drums, She rose Herself up in great clouds to dance. Then Celem in his Power descended from on High, enveloping the Beloved with Atash. All who dared looked upon this were instantly killed, save a few."
–Celean account of the Cataclysm

The tireless Celea escaped their burning homes led by the Itâmi. They crossed the sea, where rumours spoke of a far off land, soft and unprepared. Masters of Atash, the Celeans fight fiercely in groups, orderly and obedient despite their addictions to the makings of war and the dance, propelled by the force of their holy weed.

The Celea gained a strong grip over Skara’s south, conquering it from the Shinse who they mercilessly raped and pillaged almost out of existence. Now the rest of Skara waits for the fury of the Sons of Fire.


"Fear comes from belly. So Khärn cuts belly to let Fear out."

Out of the bowels of the Rhozha Mountains descends a new threat in Skara: The Khärn. These hulking beings appear rational, but seem to only understand the language of blood and battle. Click here to read The Khärn Wiki Page.

History & Territory

"We Durno are all familiar with their description--red-eyed beast with brown colored hides for skin, scraggly hair, sharp teeth, and extremely large muscular bodies. Apparently this description fails to encapsulate their true ugliness..."
–Account of the Khärn according to Na-Swan-se

Out of the volcanic disruptions of the cataclysm swarmed creatures hideous in looks and intent--the Khärn. These barbaric monsters spread throughout Skara from their homes in Khilma and the Gulon Pass, causing death and havoc wherever they go.

Though few in number, the Khärn do have some laws and customs, based on a hierarchy founded on strength in combat--a favorite spectacle of theirs, known as the Bült. It takes remarkably little for Khärn to visit their ferocious strength upon one another... As the Khärn spread throughout Skara, so do their loyalties. This causes one of the chief fractures--between the followers of the Snake, Bül, who worship in the deep, and the Khärn devoted to life on the surface.

An illiterate people, most of what is known about the Khärn comes from those lucky enough to see them and live to tell of it.


“Anger that sits burns its bearer, Anger that moves burns others.” –Shinse proverb

The Shinse lost their ancestral lands on Skara’s coast to the invading Celea. Now they seek revenge. Swift and agile, the Shinse have only two types of opponents: The quick and the dead. Click here to read The Shinse Wiki Page.

History & Territory

"Little ones ask for the Story
Gokhan must wipe tears from his eyes previous beginning
He sits on the banks of Nagaco
And begins…"

Displaced from their homes on the southern coasts of Skara, the Shinse have rebuilt a life on the foundations of the ruins of their ancient forebears: The Zem. Relatively safe in the wild lands beyond the Rhozha mountains, the Shinse are rediscovering their inner wisdom and strength.

Masters of many ancient arts, the Shinse once taught in the Seven Schools. They guard this knowledge still, honing it into an elegant deadly weapon that none can withstand.


"When Leel’s writings are spoken,
they form a pact that can never be broken."

Guided by fate, the Tamvaasa live with the wild energy of the untamed. Few are not broken by the bash and batter of their blows when they decide to give battle. Click here to read The Tamvaasa Wiki Page.

History & Territory

"Gaal spake, the sound summoning Tamvaasa to spring from the sea Gaal was so glad in His glory, He gave great gifts to Tamvaasa Food for feeding, fields to frolick in, and forests for wandering."
–Tamvaasa creation hymn

The Folkin descend from the forests, lakes and rivers of the Long North. Hardened by those wild places, they seek an easier life in the lands to the south. Those who dare oppose ought to guard against the wide reach of their Axe, and the power of the Vanak - The harmonies that wove the world and all that is in it.

For hundreds of cycles of Gaal, the Tamvaasa have fought with their southern neighbours. For almost as long the Durno Court of Eagles retained mastery. But things are different in the time ruled by the Two Lights, and the Tamvaasa have gathered strength.