We are so proud to introduce you the newest race on the Skara world; Khärn. Newest because it´s the latest one to be created, as you can check they are not the most technological advanced race ever. Big guys carrying really big swords, what could go wrong?

David did a great work with the sketches, making an interesting approach about the biggest warriors on the game. At first, we imagined full iron dressed figthers, but have seen this kind of characters in a lot of games, so he tried to develope them in depth, visually describing them as almost prehistoric hunters, covered with fur and animal carcasses.

Personally, I’m willing to see these animals in teh game, delivering blows and spreading terror among their enemies.

This week David started to focus on the main look of the Durno´s character. Chosing the best from any thumbnail, he´s right now defining the visual identity of this race. Durno is the richest country on the Skara World; the warriors of Durno march into battle with golden armors, carrying a shield and a short sword. The main town of Durno is Jotheim, realm´s capital. Clan Adler reside in there, formed by the sons of noble rulers and citizens.

As you can see, we show you just the shield (too early to start sharing more concept sketches). David is trying to draw a very fierce warrior, but his armor and weapons reveal his aristocratic origin. Durno´s warrior are typical average characters. If what you want is a balanced fighter, strong and with good defensive skills, this should be your first choice. We thought it was a good idea to start the project developing this race for that reason, we could propose the average character and conceptualize from that point the larger and slower ones, or the smaller and agile ones.

So here we are. It’s been five days since we started pre-production art. We have a entire meeting room for us, that we have filled with documentation mudboards for armor, warriors and mountains, and dozens of pages with strange sketches. In the tiny unoccupied space we have our laptops and our drawing tablets, coffee, bottled water and packets of chocolate biscuits.

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The main idea of The Blade Remains came to me a long time ago; I started writting the first sketch of the game design in the beginning of 2009. I spent so many days writting about the history, the races, the lands and the general context of the territory that forms the world of Skara.

In 2012, after many changes and revisions, the first version of the Game Design Document was complete. I enjoyed drawing the earlies concepts for the warriors and the environments where battles would take place, but it was obvious I was going to need help from someone who draw better than me, so I contacted David Güell, concept artist, cartoonist, animator and a good friend. In late November we started planning all the art needed to start the development of the game. We have only two months to create much of the pre-production work, since the modellers will join the team in February, and so programmers will in March.

As yet we have no space to work, we have moved to the publishing oficce directed by Fernando, David´s father. It is an old apartment in the Eixample, renovated and fully equipped. It also has the world’s most beautiful old elevator. We’ll have to thank Fernando for letting us a space to work these months, no one should be surprised if he appears in the game as a barbarian, carrying a giant pencil instead of a sword.

Tomorrow we are going to start drawing… and we are excited and thrilled.

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