Easy to learn,
hard to master
Skara - The Blade Remains is a Free-to-Play game set in a fantasy world and its Open Alpha is currently available for PC. Compete to dominate or survive...
Competitive team-based
Free to win
Melee combat
Skara is divided up between five cultures who must fight to survive in what is left of rich world... Learn and master each of them.
"Always keep loyal to your Kin and your Karkin. Without them, where would you be?" –Tamvaasa songweaver

We discussed about Character creation on the last dev diary entry and how to develop your character’s background and story. But to be able to create a cool character that you can relate with, tons of customization option will be needed!

That is indeed one of the features we are working on. When you create a character you can choose a lot of different features to make your Skara survivor unique. From skin tone to facial appearance, tattoos, scars, earrings, hair style, eye color… there will be literally hundreds of possible combinations.

Different faces, skins tones, eye color and more...

Different faces, skins tones, eye color and more…

Most of this stuff will be free and unlocked from day one so you can create and customize your character, but we may save a few really cool ones in case you want to spend some of your hard earned karats – coffee and pizza are expensive these days, and everybody know that’s the only things developers need to survive so feel free to purchase some karats every now and then.

Obviously, we also added more armours, helmets and weapons to the existing ones. And we are preparing a couple of nice surprises we don’t want to spoil yet to let you customize your war gear even more!

Some of the available skins for Tamvaasa.

Some of the available skins for Tamvaasa.

Any veteran player in Skara knows about the struggles of each culture to thrive and survive in the dying scenario under the Two Suns. The Tamvaasa facing the Cataclysm from the Long North with a new fear for the expanding Kharn who recently took Kornit. The Shinse now living across the mountains after being expelled from their ancestral homes by the Celea. And the Durno… well, nobody knows about the Durno since they closed their frontiers after the Cataclysm and the Battle of Hiria.


But, on Alpha versions, a newcomer would think that Tamvaasa, Celea or Shinse are unique characters instead of cultures. Only after exploring the menu and the wiki in depth would they start to have a sense of what Skara and their different factions really are: a background for the creation of unique characters that live adventures in the universe of the Two Suns.

We’ve been so focused on gameplay, combat feeling and hearing your feedback that we left this part for the end of the development – and that is a pity since there is so material in the Lore to work with –  but the time is finally here: on Beta, there will be great opportunities for you to develop the background stories of your characters inside the game. We don’t want to spoil too many details for now, but you will see some cool concepts and mechanics to expand your characters’ stories: quests, missions and events which results will influence the whole world of Skara. This is what we meant with the ‘Soul of an RPG’ theme.


All this will start with your character creation: with this mechanic you will get to choose a culture and define what makes your character unique. You can define your place of birth, background story, political involvement within your own culture and aspirations as a warrior in Skara. As you have seen in some of our players’ background stories, that could be the desire of killing your father’s assassin, like Crimson, or to bring back the North to your fellow Tamvaasa like Stez. Or simply enjoy the act of fighting like Useless. But this will happen inside the game, not a side mechanich like it has been happening to date.

Next week we’ll discuss about all the cosmetic possibilities you will see when it comes to create your own character. Stay tuned!

See you on the battlefield,

Pablo and the Skara Team

"Do not wear out your eyes with overmatch study. It clogs the mind and heavies the hearth." –Talé II, Court of the Eagles