'Fear comes from the belly
So Khärn cuts the belly to let it out'

Khärn war song

Where the Khärn came from, how they grew so vicious, and why they spread like a plague are questions best left unanswered by the civilized. For the Khärn too, it means very little whether the bloodshed has a reason or not.

A Khärn rolls upon his enemy like a volcano, often slow and deliberate, sometimes with stunning speed, always with unstoppable force. It is often best to treat these brutal foes with discretion and distance.

Out of the volcanic disruptions of the cataclysm swarmed creatures hideous in looks and intent--the Khärn. These barbaric monsters spread throughout Skara from their homes in Khilma and the Gulon Pass, causing death and havoc wherever they go.

Though few in number, the Khärn do have some laws and customs, based on a hierarchy founded on strength in combat--a favorite spectacle of theirs, known as the Blüt. It takes remarkably little for Khärn to visit their ferocious strength upon one another...

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The Khärn emerged from the bowels of the Rozsha mountains expanding their territory across the central area of Skara, from the limits of the desert of Pieso in the South to the frozen steppes of the Long North.

Since the Khärn are not a civilized culture, they don’t build new cities or are even interested in controlling those that they conquer, although they mantain certain settlements inside the mountain of Khilma and its surroundings, such as The Lava Coliseum, the insidious place in which they celebrate the fearsome ‘blüt’.

Lead by the Khärn chieftain Bajheera, the Khärn recently took control of Kornit, a big and ancient domain of the Vilkaitith kark of the Tamvaasa.

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