'Fire is pure,
it burns away that which is undesirable
and leaves only that which is desirable'

Aflatan, Master of the Tani

Skara was shocked by the arrival of a strange people hardened by Celem’s heat, forged into one through unique discipline by the dual training of dance and war. For the Celea, all life revolves around worship of the power of Atash, which consumes the individual and renders life its meaning.

A well prepared and disciplined fighting force, the Celea are a challenge individually but a powerful menace in groups. Do not underestimate the strength of their shields or the reach of their spears.

Beyond the horizon to the south of Skara is a burning land. Many were the mysterious sounds that wafted from this land on a southerly breeze. Little did the inhabitants of Skara know that they came from a rapacious people, bronzed by Celem. As their lands burnt all the hotter with the cataclysm, the Celea assembled a large invasion force. Taking to their ships, the Celea landed on Skara’s southern and eastern coasts. .

A tribal people capable of making war all day and dancing all night, the Celea are rightly feared. With little apparent effort they uprooted the Shinse—masters of War making in their own right— and from the coastal lands Celean desire for conquest continues to burn.

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The tireless Celea escaped their burning homes led by the Itâmi. They crossed the sea, where rumours spoke of a far off land, soft and unprepared.
Now they are masters of this new land in all but name, roaming in well coordinated groups wherever it remains warm enough. They occupy much of the land south of the Rhozha mountains. Yet some long for the comforts of a home long thought destroyed, the capital Tu’vrahadith and the Idols of Karpath.
Masters of Atash, the Celeans fight fiercely in groups, orderly and obedient despite their addictions to the makings of war and the dance, propelled by the force of their holy weed.
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