Easy to learn,
hard to master
Skara - The Blade Remains is a Free-to-Play game set in a fantasy world and its Open Alpha is currently available for PC. Compete to dominate or survive...
Competitive team-based
Free to win
Melee combat
Skara is divided up between five cultures who must fight to survive in what is left of rich world... Learn and master each of them.
"Always keep loyal to your Kin and your Karkin. Without them, where would you be?" –Tamvaasa songweaver
Blog 9th Picture

It took a full octave for the journey to complete. That entire time, Santulím was obliged to lay on his back below the cart, uttering no sound. This was because the hunt for him was afoot: The trail for him inevitably leading outside of Jotheim, to the beginning of the Vilma Road.

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"Do not wear out your eyes with overmatch study. It clogs the mind and heavies the hearth." –Talé II, Court of the Eagles